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Sierra Campbell

Sierra Campbell founded the Yoga for Breast Cancer patients program at John C Lincoln Breast Cancer Research Center’s (Phoenix, AZ) in 2010, in partnership with The Wellness Community. Currently, she focuses teaching Yoga and Meditation privately with women going through cancer treatment. Sierra is the founder of Ventana Yoga, a sustainable yoga mat company. 

This November, Sierra will sail across the Atlantic with a team of 14 women on www.eXXpedition.com aboard the Sea Dragon, a scientific research vessel. The crew will study the impact of plastic and toxic pollution on women’s health, primarily reproductive and breast health. She is at home on the water, loves SUP, kite-surfing, and swimming in the ocean. 

Sierra found “The Yoga Handbook,” on the Indiana University Bloomington campus the day (1998) before a debilitating car accident where she fractured all of her cervical vertebrae. This simple book (along with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s audio meditations) became a lifeline throughout 18 months of spinal rehabilitation. In 1999 Sierra began pranayama and meditation studies with the Himalayan Institute and Gaden KhachoeShing, a local Buddhist monastery. In 2001 she began studying asana and traveled west to Maui and California to study with senior teachers such as Ganga White, Tracey Rich, Nicki Doane, Shiva Rae, Maty Ezraty, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, and many more. 

My Teacher Sessions

Saturday, September 13

12:30pm PDT