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Anuja Chaudri

Anuja started yoga as a kid when her father insisted on her taking classes. Today she is grateful for that push. She went through her own internal journey to realize her passion – yoga and teaching. She was certified in 2006 and has been teaching since then. Finally in 2010, she decided to take the plunge to open her own studio – Almaden Yoga. Her dream was realized with the help of her loving husband, Ron Victor. Anuja brings in her class a combination of her Indian upbringing and her exposure to the western world of yoga. She is lively, caring and passionate about teaching yoga. Anuja in her previous life was a Technical Writer working in the high tech world. She joined NASA and was a contractor with them for five years. You will not hear her talk much about her previous life as she is enjoying her new life and the world of yoga. When not teaching she is trying to bring new things to Almaden Yoga, updating her Bucketlist and working towards 3000 Wheels (Urdhva Dhanurasana) by the time she turns 50, which is not too far.

My Teacher Sessions

Saturday, September 13

10:45am PDT