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Adam Sewell

Adam first used yoga to help rehabilitate a back injury over 20 years ago. After living in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and working for many years as a stuntman, he returned to yoga to complement his extreme fitness workouts and sports. Adam has been involved in exercise science since 1990 and owned his own wellness center in Colorado, has written several fitness manuals and has trained various demographics from children to para-Olympic athletes to seniors. He is a certified instructor through Mark Stephens of Santa Cruz Yoga. Adam's self-described teaching style is to "keep your ego out of the studio and just have fun with your students," which is why he calls it 'playing' yoga. His key ingredient is strict alignment to maintain a safe play. Rumor has it he once played AC/DC in Savasana......

He also has extensive experience in martial arts especially tai chi. Adam is one of only two Master Trainers in the new TaijiFit™ program, also working on Jet Li’s newly released Taiji Zen program. As an animal lover, Adam enjoys supporting various international animal charities and can frequently be found chatting with dogs on the streets of Los Gatos.

My Teacher Sessions

Saturday, September 13

10:45am PDT